miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

Raúl Gorrín: Socially Committed Entrepreneurs

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Socially Committed Entrepreneurs  are society’s change agents, creators of innovations that disrupt the status quo and transform our world. By identifying the people and programs already bringing positive change, we empower them to extend their reach, deepen their impact and fundamentally improve society, they work to help people.

Socially Committed Entrepreneurs are:
Ambitious: Socially committed entrepreneurs tackle major social issues, from increasing the college enrollment rate of low-income students to fighting poverty. They operate in all kinds of organizations: innovative nonprofits, social-purpose ventures, and hybrid organizations that mix elements of nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Mission driven: Generating social value —not wealth—is the central criterion of a successful social entrepreneur. While wealth creation may be part of the process, it is not an end in itself. Promoting systemic social change is the real objective.

Strategic: Like business entrepreneurs, Socially committed entrepreneurs see and act upon what others miss: opportunities to improve systems, create solutions and invent new approaches that create social value. And like the best business entrepreneurs, Socially committed entrepreneurs are intensely focused and hard-driving in their pursuit of a humanist vision.
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Resourceful: Because Socially Committed Entrepreneurs operate within a social context rather than the business world, they have limited access to capital and traditional market support systems. As a result, social entrepreneurs must be skilled at mobilizing human, financial and political resources.

Results oriented: Socially Committed Entrepreneurs are driven to produce measurable returns. These results transform existing realities, open up new pathways for the marginalized and disadvantaged, and unlock society’s potential to effect social change.


viernes, 12 de agosto de 2016

Raul Gorrín: Secure understanding with others: empathic communication

(Raul Gorrín) Silence is never a solution to problems. The science of human relationships, their pathologies and everything that contributes to improve them. It is a golden rule: to communicate is fundamental.

Whether in the family, emotional life or at work, raising concerns, discomfort or  disagreements, is vital.

One must communicate and trust that this route would be best way to solve disagreements.

Surge in this that to connect is  a very important, empathic communication. Remember that empathy understand the cognitive ability to perceive what another being can feel.

How to communicate empathetically?

Type the message, a technique to not leave anything to chance or, worse, forgotten. Write a draft of what you want to communicate, sort the various aspects of it as their priority. (Raul Gorrín)

Avoid phrases that might hurt others or constitute an attack on their values ​​and principles, or whether an indictment.

Clearly state their views on the matter.

Do not waste time exposing issues that are not related to the problem.
When writing beforehand what reason can expose more calmly and avoid insults or derogatory or hurtful phrases.

It will, therefore, avoiding the noise in the communication.
And it is that the "noise" far from clear, only cloud the picture and avoid possible solutions. (Raul Gorrín)

distracting elements like sending text messages while the exposure is made, choose environments with little privacy, trying to use email as a way to propose solutions only contribute to roil empathic communication to be face to face.

Achieving send messages without noise favors empathic communication and hence understanding and solution, because apart from transmitting the rational aspects may also provide emotional.

This applies at home and in the company. Chat, communicating with others implies a proactive attitude, therefore, forget cell phones, Tablet, e-mail, computer or TV and focus on serving its counterpart. (Raul Gorrín)

Communication in no way should cause fear, but should become an ally that allows understanding, unity, harmony and unity.



jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016

Raúl Gorrín: Individual differences and how to deal with stress

(Raul Gorrín) In this installment, while we analyze individual differences in the work we will do so this time addressing the welfare and the role that different personalities when stress is evaluated.

 This condition causes havoc in the workplace, affecting workers and the companies themselves, it threatens the happiness which in turn effects the work environment to productivity.

If companies promote a culture that propendiera to lower the incidence of work-related stress in a structural way, organizations would then no longer be the stressful place in many cases it has  become today.

This would be very useful especially when considering that organizations are made up of human conglomerates differentiated from each other, ie, with very specific and unique individual characteristics. (Raul Gorrín)

Psychology has for years been studying individual differences and what this means in the working dynamics of companies. Organizations generate processes of adaptation to individual differences. This is because in the same way that people are not the same, nor are the relationships and interactions that occur in the environment.

 These individual differences determine how workers handle job stress and how they influence the business dynamics.

For example, some particular characteristics relate to toxic work environments where stress and teasing or bullying affect members of organizations. (Raul Gorrín)

Individual differences influence how each worker interacts with others within organizations and how to handle stress.
Ie stress will have a different approach to each e

Depending on this perspective workers will experience different levels of resilience to cope with adversity, this time represented by stress.
The support is critical in this and can increase or decrease the levels of resilience. (Raul Gorrín)

The mixture arising between individual characteristics and personal experiences of each person will help determine how stress is faced. The condition will be perceived
differently between a worker and another. What affects more than the stressor is the way it evaluates each person and giving it meaning.

 If companies will implement specialized training for handling and excited feelings associated with negative experiences such as stress programs, allow more resilient and therefore more ability to cope with stress situations. (Raul Gorrín)



jueves, 4 de agosto de 2016

Kintsukuroi: Empower your employees and organization

(Raul Gorrín) When the Japanese mend broken objects, the repair is done with gold, which highlights what previously had a defect and happens to give more value to the piece, in addition to reinforcing it, ie, the object acquires strength, it becomes more resistant. This technique is known by the name of kintsukuroi.
We are talking about resilience.

Organizational psychology believes that, like the Japanese technique, it is necessary, necessary, help people within organizations become stronger, providing resources that promote their development.

Science focuses on people to find and adopt new patterns and strategies to address the problems and overcome them.

How can this be done?

 For cultivating and sharing positive emotions, which is thinking positively, sharing the good news, enjoying success for smaller steps than this and when  negative events which inevitably happen in the life of every human, the employees will be able   to face those times without tragedy and they are willing to overcome, band can find the good side to the matter.

We spoke earlier of mindfulness - awareness ability of human beings to tt  the phenomena experienced at present and accept it - , for then practice it (Raul Gorrín).

Also people should look while providing social support, sharing with others, being in contact with them at meetings, meals, conversations.

 It is important that that it is treasured, and you keep and invest in their positive relationships, while in other staking to achieve high quality. Add, add, add.
Remember the values, foméntelos, trust, honesty and mutual respect, they are jewels that you should have in high esteem. (Raul Gorrín) Work as a team, develop cooperation, share.

 Similarly health care and encourage healthy practices in organizing, promoting strategies so that all employees are informed about the objectives and goals of the institution.

Be aware of the physical and psychosocial health of members of your organization. This will also lead to a  healthy organization.

 And remember that when something bad or negative happens, you can learn from it. Encourage constructive feedback between the teams. (Raul Gorrín)



martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

Raul Gorrín: Using Email healthfully

(Raul Gorrín)  Organizations need to activate some healthy practices aimed at reducing psychosocial risks in the personnel working for the company. One of these practices is the use of email, for which we must turn our attention and fine-tune the look.

While e-mail has been a great contribution that has led to the revitalization of many errands and allowed communication to flow in organizations more expeditiously, too often it has been a tool that has gotten out of control.

The e-mail, as it is also known, has sometimes against the interests of companies or enterprises, greatly conditioning the productivity of human resources, has come to degrade the work environment. Employees are carried away by supposed urgency of the message and stopped working proactively with email.

Processing and reading emails consume a large percentage of the working day. It's just a matter of counting the number of messages sent and received daily and multiply this to set the monthly and annual time used in this case. Some have come to ensure that such action in a year can mean the equivalent of 75 full working days.

In addition, studies have determined that 70 percent of all utilities professionals know that their mail offers, so wasted many functions and therefore do not use it productively. Also it has reached the point of replacing phone calls with emails, thereby solving a minor event is delayed or complicated greatly when a simple phone conversation with her could solve. Not to mention the face to face negotiations, which have been diminished.

 Also they have bureaucratized many procedures that could be solved simply and use of this tool has only come to complicate them by requiring unnecessary requirements, or involving third parties when they are included through a copy sent on an errand in which they had nothing or nothing to contribute.
 It may seem at first glance a small matter, but it is not. (Raul Gorrín)

 Does your organization regulate the use of email? Are there guidelines for its use or is left to the "good God" regarding the matter?
Catch pending, as the delay in many of his efforts could have on the use of email the reason for it.

Building healthy organizations goes through the review of all factors, however insignificant at first glance appear. (Raul Gorrín)



miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016

Which involves serving as a salesman Life Insurance

"Life insurance is an asset that will provide financial compensation upon the death of the designated beneficiaries. The compensation paid by the insurance company term will not be affected by market conditions. While this is not a new idea, can be an incentive for potential customers," said Raul Gorrín, president of Seguros La Vitalicia.

 For those who serve as mediators life insurance "should stop seeing as vendors," says Raul Gorrín.

 In his opinion he believes that this is one of the reasons that makes it difficult to get potential customers.

 "What big sellers (from other fields) have been made to overcome this obstacle has been formed through consultative selling, become partners customer thus offering a high level of service that fosters satisfaction, build loyalty and establishes relationships beneficial and lasting in time, "says Gorrín.

 For Raul Gorrín, success in the insurance sector as Life Insurance salesman is to "facilitate", clearing the way for potential customers and point out what is most important to them.

"We all think about our lives and how we would like progress. But more often it is to find that we have the answers about what it takes to make this happen, "says Raul Gorrín.



lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

Raul Gorrín: Working in pursuit of business efficiency

There are many people who confuse efficiency with effectiveness, and usually use the two terms as having the same meaning. It is good to clarify that efficiency is not the same as effectiveness, while under the second seeks only the achievement of objectives and goals, the first seeks the same but taking advantage of the minimal use of resources.

We have, then, that the efficacy has only to do so while taking into account efficiency means.

As we said already, it can be effective without being efficient.
However in the  business world,  it is imperative to achieving efficiency if we want to achieve excellence.

How is this achieved? By considering some factors. The first factor to consider - people. You can not pass over people by the mere fact of wanting to achieve goals at the expense of whatever.

You should promote a business model in which the interactions that occur between members of the organization, are underpinned by trust. This should be an engine of any institution.

Must keep the commitment and human resource especially in those businesses in which human capital is fundamental.

There must be ensured within all organizations easily defined roles of each person, setting functions is essential, as well as promoting collaboration and talent management and promotion.

All these aspects must be included in each area of ​​the company or enterprise, monitor the thoroughness of compliance.
The higher productivity of any company is given for the best use of time, the higher quality of the activity and the positive efficiency.

Business efficiency is to support the performance and productivity, which can only be achieved when good decisions are made and work rigorously enforced. This requires collective commitment.

Efficiency is opposed to improvisation and luck. Chance has no place. Requires, instead a pool of competent professionals, a culture of sustainable business, unified thinking and good work habits and discipline.

An efficient company is characterized by how well it creates value and wealth creation; clearly defines its objectives and goals; It is systematically implementing processes and systems; by concern for solving the problems of customers; by designing development plans permanently; their effective work motivation; by promoting talent.

Now, once achieved efficiency, the company must work to stay on this scale and obviously continue to grow.